I had never really watched anime not for any particular reason, I just never had. So me & my boyfriend were hanging out yesterday & I asked what I wanted to watch & I said w/e you wanna watch I’ll probably fall asleep in a bit anyways. He’s like, you sure kuz there’s this anime I’m hooked on called “Attack on Titan” & I was like go ahead . So then I start watching & asking questions next thing you know I’m into the shit. I didn’t even nap like I planned to. Lmao now I started watching it from the beginning & I’m hooked! Like I cried when Eren’s mother got eaten. Lol is this normal?



when i was in 8th grade i liked this boy so i pickpocketed him and stole his green day wallet and the next day i brought it back to him and i was like “omg i found this on the ground here u go” and we were friends from then on 

so basically the moral of the story is if u ever want someone to notice u commit a criminal act on them and u will be friends maybe try kidnapping their pets or something


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whatever happened to rihanna when she first started singing she was like yee mista dj song pon de replay and now shes like fuck me with a shovel and slap my titties

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